Dog the Bounty Hunter Says Brian Laundrie Called Parents from Murder Scene

Dog the Bounty Hunter laid claim to a host of wild speculations regarding the case of Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito in a new interview with The Sun. Dog claims that Brian called his parents right after murdering Gabby.

"Of course he murdered her. I think he called the mom and dad right from the scene and said, ‘OMG!’," Dog said, providing no evidence to support the claim.

"Now we have to remember that they lived — Gabby and Brian — with his mom and dad for almost two years. And the house, I was there, it’s not a huge house so I’m sure they heard, the parents probably heard Gabby screaming."

"I was told by a very close source that he was a gentleman. I think he said, ‘Mom, she was screaming, she was screaming so I put my hand over her mouth, and I held my hand and she was screaming and when I took it away she wasn’t breathing and I tried CPR."

Again, Dog provided no evidence that this is what actually played out.

When asked, the Laundrie family lawyer said he would provide no comment on Dog's claims.


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