Brian Laundrie's Sister Speaks Out, Urges Him to Turn Himself In

Cassie Laundrie, sister of fugitive Brian Laundrie, is urging her brother to "come forward" and turn himself in in a new ABC News interview.

"No, I do not know where Brian is... I'd turn him in," she told Good Morning America.

"I would tell my brother to just come forward and get us out of this horrible mess. I worry about him. I hope he's okay... and then I'm angry and don't know what to think."

"I've tried to get in touch with him, phone went to voicemail. I hope my brother's alive, because I want answers just as much as everybody else."

Cassie was also asked about her parents and their possible involvement. She says they have also refused to speak to her since Brian's fiance Gabby Petito was reported missing and later found dead in Wyoming.

"I don't know if my parents are involved. I think if they are, then they should come clean."

Cassie added that Gabby's family "deserves answers" and says that her children used to call her "Aunt Gabby."

She says the last time that she saw her parents and brother was on the family camping trip in Fort De Soto Park in Florida in early September.

"We just went for a couple of hours and we ate dinner and had S'mores around the campfire and left. There was nothing peculiar about it. There was no feeling of grand goodbye - there was no nothing. I'm frustrated that in hindsight I didn't pick up on anything. It was just a regular visit. It was not hidden from law enforcement. I've been cooperating with the police since day one."


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