Pornhub Investigating After Fake "Casting Cars" Parked on Golden Butts Road

The adult video hosting website Pornhub has released a statement after numerous complaints were files regarding a group of Pornhub-branded "casting cars" were parked along a highly-trafficked road in the UK.

The vehicles were all painted a bright pink and featured decals on the rear windows of the Pornhub logo with "CASTING CAR" written underneath. The vehicles were seen in various locations around West Yorkshire, with some parked on Golden Butts Road near a Wetherspoons pub.

Complaints were made that children could see the vehicles. Others assumed it was part of a promotion by the company.

Pornhub, after being alerted of the vehicles, denied that they were responsible. "This has nothing to do with Pornhub. We do not have casting cars. We are investigating who may be behind this," they said in a statement.


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