Brian Laundrie May Have Been Spotted in Canada

A TikTok user believes she may have spotted Brian Laundrie in Canada, or at least someone who strongly resembles him.

According to @cwlynn, Laundrie, or the lookalike, was at a hotel in Toronto last Monday. She claims the man was "getting flustered" as he left the hotel and that he got into a car with another man.

She immediately informed the hotel staff that the man might have been Laundrie. Apparently the hotel staff said to her that he wasn't at the hotel he was looking for and didn't know where he was going.

She posted a blurry photo of the man, wearing a black mask around his chin.

Earlier this week, Laundrie was possibly caught on a trail camera in Florida about 500 miles from his home, although police later confirmed that the man was not Laundrie.

Laundrie is a wanted man by the feds for using his fiance Gabby Petito's debit card illegally.

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