"Missing White Woman Syndrome" Is Trending After Gabby Petito Homicide

MSBNC's Joy Reid suggests people only care about the Gabby Petito case because of "Missing White Woman Syndrome," ignoring the 700+ indigenous people who have gone missing in that same area over the last decade

@BNick tweeted:

re: anyone getting bigmad about someone using the expression "Missing White Woman Syndrome," what if I told you that 5,590 Native American women went missing in 2019, and weren't the subject of daily Twitter updates

@BritniDWrites tweeted:

Wrote about so-called "missing white woman syndrome" back in 2014. Back then, upwards of 40% of missing folks were people of color and yet the media only covered white women like Gabby Petito who disappear. It's worth asking why.

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