Mom Interrupts School Board Meeting to Go on Bizarre Rant About Anal Sex

Warning: Video Contains NFSW Language

A Texas mom used the time she was given to speak at the podium during a school board meeting to go on a bizarre rant about anal sex and other sexually explicit things.

The meeting's focus was COVID, but the woman chose to talk about a completely unrelated topic instead, bringing up a book that is made available to middle school students.

The book, "Out of the Darkness" by Ashley Hope Perez, features a passage about anal sex that she thinks is entirely inappropriate for middle school students to be reading.

The woman then reads page 39 of the book, which uses language referring to a woman's genitalia and "cornhole."

"Alright, not gonna lie, I had to Google 'cornhole' because I have the game in the back of my yard, but according to Wikipedia, cornhole is a sexual slang/vulgarism for anus."

"I do not want my children to learn about anal sex in middle school. I’ve never had anal sex. I don’t want to have anal sex. I don’t want my kids having anal sex. I want you to start focusing on education and not public health!"

Apparently, the books were removed from the schools that had copies of it in their libraries after this went down, so all-in-all it was a win.

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