Moment Murderer Realizes They've Found His Victim's Body On Live TV

In 2011, Stephen McDaniel snuck into the apartment of his neighbor Lauren Giddings, strangled her, dismembered her and disposed of her body in a horrific crime. He finally admitted to the murder in 2014, but he was being interviewed on television days after the tragedy when he finds out that police discovered her remains.

Giddings was reported missing after no one had made contact with her for a few days. A media frenzy unfolded and they interviewed McDaniel, who lived next door to Lauren.

McDaniel pretends like he has no idea what happened to her, saying how nice she was and that they both attended Mercer College in Georgia, and even suggests that she might have been snatched by someone while out jogging. He also claims he and a friend went into her apartment after she disappeared and didn't see anything out of place.

When the interviewer brings up that police just discovered remains nearby, McDaniel suddenly become shocked, begins stuttering and says he needs to sit down.

He eventually comes back and continues to be interviewed and begins crying, saying how he hardly ever saw Lauren because she was taking online courses.

Police had already established McDaniel as a person of interest, and were suspicious of him for trying to be "too helpful." A search of his apartment soon after turned up some disturbing evidence. Police found hacksaw packaging that had Lauren's DNA on it, some of her underwear, and a master key that could be used to unlock every door in his building.

McDaniel later confessed to the murder in 2014 in a written confession detailing what happened. He is serving a sentence of life without parole.


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