Bottlerock Festival Pulls Plug on Guns N' Roses with Guest Dave Grohl

Guns N' Roses capped off the BottleRock Festival in Napa, California with the headlining performance on Saturday and to mark the occasion, the band brought out a very special guest.

Axl Rose and Co. ripped through a 21-song set spanning their entire catalog including the "new" song "Absurd" and covers of Velvet Revolver, The Stooges and Jimmy Webb. And then came the encore, with Guns playing "Patience" with Pink and "Paradise City" with Dave Grohl.

Unfortunately, as arguably the highlight of the night was taking place on stage, BottleRock cut the power on the band as they hit the 10:00 PM curfew. The band continued playing unfazed though and the crowd took over singing while they weren't booing at the festival organizers.

It wasn't the first time a band got the plug pulled at the festival, The Cure and Neil Young both met similar fates in previous iterations.

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