Wife Hires Hitman, Husband Fakes Death and Catches Her Red-Handed

In an incredibly disturbing series of events, a husband discovered that his wife was hiring a hitman to have him murdered. So he worked with police to stage a fake death and used photos of his "murder" to help catch his wife red-handed.

Ramon Sosa is a former pro boxer and he owned two gyms with his wife Lulu in Houston, Texas. Ramon recalls multiple red flags in their relationship over the years but didn't realize how serious they were until later. He admits their relationship was having issues in 2016. That's when Ramon says he heard that Lulu was trying to hire a hitman to have him killed so that she could take all of the profits from their successful business and collect his life insurance.

Ramon went to the police for help and the two parties ended up working together to put together enough evidence to nab Lulu. Ramon even wore makeup that made it appear like he had been shot in the head and killed and posed for photos in a grave in the middle of nowhere, covered in dirt.

The photo was later shown to Lulu by an undercover FBI agent who was wearing a hidden camera, showing her celebrating the fact that Ramon had been "killed."

Police then later went to a gym to question Lulu, who blatantly lied about knowing what happened, and was arrested.

Lulu is now serving 20 years in prison for attempted murder.

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