Guy Gets Arrested After Dangling a Donut in Cops Faces

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

Some people just ask to be arrested. And some people really want to get arrested.

A dude thinks he's being funny by tying a donut on a string on the end of a stick and dangling it in the face of a group of police officers, but he's not laughing anymore.

He walks up to a group of people, along with two officers and seems to taunt them, asking if they want a bite. Another man is perturbed by his antics and starts cussing at the guy to get the donut out of his face. Then, one of the cops also starts to have a problem with him.

One of the cops then has "had enough" of the donut guy's antics and places him under arrest, claiming the act was assault on an officer.

Who knows if the charge will hold up, but the dude is just dumb.

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