Woman Roasts Sexist Landscaping Company After Job Application Turned Down

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A tweet is going viral after a landscaping company rejected a woman's job application over what seems to be the sole fact that she is a woman.

The woman, Charlotte, applied for a landscaping position, and on Thursday the apparent owner of the company responded to it.

The email reads:

Good evening Charlotte
Thank you for you[sic] interest in the position and for contacting me. The position is still open,
However unless you are a bodybuilder I fear that you will not be able to handle the work load
As it is very physical and demanding as we are a hard landscaping company.
If you feel you are up for it then feel free to contact me on the number below

Charlotte did not appreciate the response, which seemed to have been made solely due to the fact she is a woman applying for a physical job. So she responded, applying a full roast of "Mark" and his company and we are 100% with her.

She writes back:

Hi Muscle Mark,
Thank you for your quick reply.
Funnily enough, I probably have just as much experience bodybuilding as you do, which I'm guessing is none.
What I do have is years of experience landscaping and also building retaining walls in 40 degree [104° F] heat as I did this for many years while I lived in Australia.
I have looked into your company before sending this email and assure you that it would be no more challenging than the work I have completed before as it was to a much higher standard than the work I've seen your "company" produce.
However what I do find challenging is working with small minded individuals such as yourself that I could probably bench press 5 minutes after being woken up from a 3 year coma, therefore I am no longer interested in this position.
I'm sure you will have no problem finding the correct individual at your next visit to the bodybuilding convention.
Kind regards,
Charlotte (AKA not the body builder)

What's that sound? Oh, must be the mic dropping.

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