Dude Ruins His Brand New GMC Truck on Live TV Launching a Boat

Nobody wants to ruin their brand new vehicle. Especially when it's on live TV.

ABC News 20 based in Springfield, Illinois captured the unfortunate moment a man's boat launch went horribly wrong.

Obviously, when performing a boat launch off a ramp, you get as close to the water as possible, or even partially in the water to make sure your boat is in far enough to start floating. But this dude appears to have possibly forgotten to set the brake and/or put his truck in the parking gear.

The news reporter is recording his piece about an environmental issue and when he's done he quickly becomes aware of what's happening behind him. But by then it's too late as the truck is floating... and quickly sinking.

Only about a minute later, all traces of the truck have vanished under the water.

Will his insurance bail him out?

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