This Website Is Selling All of Your Stuff Confiscated by the TSA

What ever happens to all of the stuff the TSA confiscates from you at the airport?

Well, it seems we have found an answer... at least partially. is the place to go to find all of the confiscated stuff. It works just like eBay, where auctions are listed and people enter a bidding war to decide who gets all of it.

Many items are lumped into groups and sold as lots like collections of knives, leatherman tools, box cutters, scissors, you know, the stuff that is banned from being taken on flights.

Even better, there's a section for the stuff that's been stolen then recovered by police where the rightful owner can't be found. There, you'll find some interesting things like Rolex watches, firearms, and someone's walker and oxygen tank. I think someone needs that last one.

Check it out

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