Woman Attacks Another Woman in Victoria's Secret, Plays Victim, "Faints"

Warning: Videos Contain NSFW Language

A wild string of events was recorded by a customer at a Victoria's Secret after it seems another customer tried to attack her. It happened at Short Hills Mall in New Jersey in an affluent area.

Although it's unclear what the events were leading up to the series of videos that went viral on social media, the first clip starts off with a woman lunging at her and appears to hit her. From there, the woman then tries to act like she is the victim of an attack and has what seems to be a mental breakdown.

At one point the woman even "faints," but does so in a way that her head falls gently onto her purse which raises some eyebrows. Then, when the woman recording tells her that she's recording to protect herself, another meltdown ensues.

Eventually the cops show up with no sense of urgency at all and they refuse to look at the video of what happened. She set up a GoFundMe to help pay for a lawyer since it seems like legal action is going to be taken.

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