Couple Shot At Aquarium Posted Video Showing Killer Sitting Next to Them

Two people died after a shooting took place at the Downtown Aquarium restaurant in Houston last Thursday. The gunman reportedly started firing at a couple who was visiting from out of town in a "random" targeting.

Police say the gunman, 39-year-old Danny Cazares had been at the bar for several hours drinking before he shot 29-year-old Gabriel Vargas and his wife. Gabriel died of his wounds, while his wife was in stable condition after being struck in the leg. Cazares turned the gun on himself.

Moments before the shooting took place, the couple shared multiple photos and videos to social media, including one chilling video clip that appears to show the shooter sitting just feet away from them. Investigators say the Vargas' did not know Cazares and did not have a motive for the killing.

Court records show that Cazares was out on bond for a gun charge in April. According to documents, Cazares' niece called the police and reported that he was at a bar in Richmond and said he was "high on meth and had a pistol." Police found a loaded pistol on Cazares at the bar when they responded.

Cazares had a number of other previous charges and was reportedly out on bond for two other incidents in the past 8 months.


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