Coors Light is Brewing Beer Using Ice The Stanley Cup Finals Were Played On

Once again, The Tampa Bay Lightning are Stanley Cup champions and they partnered with Coors Light to announce a new Champions Ice beer!

This will be the first beer made with the actual ice that the Stanley Cup final was played on. Coors says they “quietly scraped and collected the actual ice from the rink” in the Game 5 final at Amalie Arena and shipped it to their Golden, Colorado brewery to “craft the fame-winning Champion Ice brew.”

The ice will be purified using reverse osmosis membrane ultra-filtration technology which is a process of purification that meets the standards of Coors Light. It will then be blended into the new limited-edition brew.

The catch? You're likely going to have to get one of your friends in Tampa Bay to get it for you because that's mainly where it's being sold

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