Beaches Full of Doo Doo Brown & People Swimming In It Like It's Nothing

Apparently according to a local news station in Texas, a bunch of their beaches waters were tested... and the results were not good.

The levels of fecal bacteria aka poo in the water were deemed unsafe, yet people are swimming in it like it's nothing.

According to Click2Houston:

The water at some Houston area beaches is contaminated with fecal matter more often than not, according to a new report published by Environment America.
The “Safe for Swimming” report organizes and explains U.S. beach pollution data collected throughout 2020 by local and state officials. This is the third annual report.
Sylvan Beach in Harris County was “potentially unsafe” 61% of the time testing was done, the report says. Surfside Beach in Brazoria County was “potentially unsafe” 72% of the time.
“Unfortunately, we still have billions of gallons of sewage overflow and runoff pollution running into our waterways,” said John Rumpler, senior attorney with Environment America and the report’s co-author.
“To be blunt, sewage means poop,” he added. “And runoff pollution contains all kinds of pathogens that are on our roadways and other built-up surfaces that get swept up into our waters.”

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