Dude Takes a Dump in Worker's Mop Bucket While He's Trying to Work

It's a well known fact that you will see things happen on the New York City subway system that you will see no where else on the planet. Which encompasses a spectrum of good to bad.

Well we have another example of a bad moment when an alleged homeless man decides he needs to take care of some business and proceeds to take a dump in a worker's mop bucket as he's mopping the floor.

The worker is alerted to what's taking place behind him and tries to get the man to go away. Instead, the poopster tries to start a physical altercation and then goes back to what he was just doing.

I feel so bad for this dude just trying to do his job. But I feel even worse for the man and how he ended up in his situation. Hopefully this incident results in him getting the help he needs.

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