Person Lists Wrecked Car for $7K Saying It Has a "Couple of Scratches"

When buying a used car, you never know exactly what the car has been through with its previous owner or owners.

But a recent classified listing on an app has laid it all out with an owner who either doesn't care or is making a joke.

The listing is for a Kia Picanto with a "couple of scratches." But the accompanying photo seems to lead credence that it might have some other issues, namely due to the fact that it is flipped on its roof with windows smashed and dents aplenty. There's even an ambulance in the background for good measure.

"Selling brand new Kia picanto. perfect first car, drives smoothly and accelerates gracefully, I won't lie it has got a couple of scratches, silly me. but other than that it's in perfect conditions hence the reasonable price."

It's listed at ₤5,000, which comes in at just under $7,000 US. Any takers?


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