Woman Plays Ingenious Prank on Spam Caller, Makes Him Immediately Hang Up

Fox 5 DC anchor Jeanette Reyes was tired of getting spam calls to her phone trying to trick her into thinking she was in some sort of legal trouble and needed to pay thousands of dollars to get out of it. So she decides to use her skills as a news reporter to prank one of the callers and gets them to hang up immediately.

Reyes starts recording as soon as another call marked as "Spam Risk" pops up on her phone.

The man on the other end tells her there is an outstanding warrant for her arrest and that there is an outstanding balance of $2,792.33 owed.

She plays dumb and the man asks for a credit card number so she starts giving him one... except segues it into sounding like she's live on the air doing a report about scam phone calls with the FBI listening in.

Without hesitation, the fraudster hangs up.

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