You Can Now Get 'Croc Nuts' for You Favorite Pair of Crocs

Photo: Amazon

Are you the type of person who has "truck nuts" hanging from the back of your truck? Do you want to keep your nuts showing even if you're not in your truck and are walking around town?

Well, Amazon has you covered because you can now get "Croc Nuts" to dangle on the back of your Crocs.

Here is the product description for Croc Nuts:

It’s time to jazz up those croc! These croc nuts are a perfectly hilarious way to do just that! You get a pair of nuts per croc for each order. Printed in eco friendly PLA, they will fit any croc brand!
The material is rather delicate so these are more for looks than every day wear as they will likely break if worn regularly. Some minor imperfections are inevitable, but I strive for the highest quality!
Many colors are available. If you don’t see the color you are looking for let me know and I might have it or can get it within a few days.
Croc are not included

They're $30.99.

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