Mom Left in Tears After Stranger Leaves Note About Her Parenting Skills

When you find a note left on your car, it's usually not a good thing.

For one mom who saw a note left in the door handle of her car after dropping off her kids at school, she figured it was a mean note.

The mom says she had a heck of a school trip with her children, including her 9-year-old son who cried the entire time.

"If you were to see a note on your car on returning from a shop, you'd automatically assume the worst... wouldn't you? Well I instantly thought 'oh god, what is this'"?

But it turns out, the note was unexpectedly wonderful.

It reads: "You have beautiful children! - Thanks for making me smile today from my car. From one mum to another - you are doing a fab job!! -Sarah x"

"I instantly started tearing up but held the happy tears back so my beautiful children didn't see," says the mom, sharing a photo of the note on Facebook.

"From one stranger to another and one mother to another, THANK YOU SO MUCH for this amazing message to me this morning! It honestly made my day you just never know how someone might be feeling and this definitely made me feel better at that moment in time! I'm glad we made you smile too," she writes.

The post has gotten over 33,000 likes.

Photo: Facebook

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