Video of Six Flags Log Flume Just Prior to Accident Shows Broken Rail

Two people were injured at a Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park in New Jersey on Sunday when a log flume ride got stuck after a drop. Video footage uploaded to YouTube was reportedly recorded moments before the log flume vehicle accident occurred.

The man who took the video, Steve Thomas, says "my kids got quite a jolt" on the ride. The footage shows what appears to be a guide rail starting to come off of one side of the ride, the same area where the accident reportedly occurred shortly after.

Thomas says he saw the accident happen, when the log flume came to rest about 10-15 feet past the area where the rail appeared to be broken.

"I didn't see it hit the wall but saw it just after. A woman in the front appeared to be crying. There was another boat that came down after as well and was situated right behind it. At that point the ride was stopped... It was just leaning on an angle. It’s not like they were going to fall out. It honestly didn’t look that bad," says Thomas.

The ride has since been closed with no timetable for reopening. The two individuals on the ride were taken to a hospital to be checked but no further information was given on what happened or their conditions.


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