Harvey Weinstein Finds Out He's Being Sent to CA to Face More Charges

Former movie producer and convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein is facing extradition to California to face charges on criminal sexual assault, ruled a New York judge on Tuesday.

Weinstein is already in prison in Buffalo, New York, but has been charged with 11 counts of sexual assault in California that allegedly took place between 2004 and 2013.

Video footage of Weinstein reacting to the news was shared to social media, showing his reaction to hearing the news.

Weinstein's defense attorney Mark Werksman said, "We are disappointed in this decision today. Just now, Mr. Weinstein's attorney filed a writ of Habeas Corpus in the LA county Supreme Court. We are asking the court to hold off the extradition of Mr. Weinstein to Los Angeles until he can receive his needed medical care here in New York."

Elizabeth Fegan, attorney for "Jane Doe 4" in the Los Angeles case was pleased to hear the court's decision to extradite Weinstein to California, but not the attempt of his attorney to delay the extradition. "He has used every excuse for delay - time's up! He will have to answer again for his horrific sexual abuse," says Fegan.

Source: NBC News

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