New Scooter Rental Company In The DMV Is Offering Monthly Scooter Rentals

If you like using e-scooters around but don't like the idea of sharing with strangers, a new company in the DMV is offering monthly rentals

Unagi is the new company that launched last week and is offering a different e-scooter rental model in D.C., Northern VA, and some of MoCo.

DCist posted the following:

E-scooter company Unagi is launching a scooter rental service across the region Thursday, bringing their Model One e-scooter to D.C., Northern Virginia, parts of Montgomery County. Unlike the myriad other scooter fleets in D.C., like Lime, Skip, and Spin, whose monthly subscription packages guarantee free rides on publicly shared scooters, Unagi is marketing a scooter-leasing service that gives riders their own personal scooter for $49 a month. Instead of letting scooters loose on the street, Unagi will ship a scooter to a user’s home.


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