Dude Finds a Cold War-Era Blast Shelter Hidden Beneath His House

A man doing renovations in his home discovered a Cold War-era blast shelter underneath a floor in a room he was redoing. After further investigation, he learned more about the shelter, and that it had been built around 1961. He says he was told about it when he got the house, but thought it had been sealed off permanently. The house is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The shelter's door, he says, is appears to be a well-designed 150lb blast shield correct for the era. It would have originally been located outside of the house, but previous owners extended the house over top of it.

He then drops down via the main entrance, found in a closet. Once he's down there, he shows the 10'x10' room with a 6' ceiling, a tight fit for what would have been a family of four at the time.

There's some rudimentary communications devices, an air pump, a fresh water tap, and a pile of old survival gear.

Thankfully, the shelter was never used for its intended purpose.

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