Groom Loses It In Front of Guests After Botched Cake Cutting Ceremony

There can be subtle telltale signs in the first year of a marriage that can lead to problems down the road. And then there are major red flags in front of your friends and family during your wedding that spell certain doom.

Obviously, the day of your wedding can be one of the most stressful and crazy days of your life after months, if not years, of planning your perfect day.

This groom gets so mad after the cake cutting ceremony is botched that he completely loses his cool and ends up having to be restrained by some of the guests.

First, he seems upset that he might not have cut the cake right. Then, he grabs the piece of cake on a plate from a woman and forcibly eats a bite and gives one to what appears to be the bride.

Then, as some dude is shaking a bottle of champagne to pop, he yanks it out of his hand and angrily sprays it everywhere before spiking it to the ground, shattering it.

He then appears to try and knock the cake off of the table but only partially manages to. At that point, other guests are forced to jump in and restrain the groom.

It looks like this marriage is off to a rocky start.

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