Soldier with Swastika Tattooed on His Testicle Jailed for 19 Months

Photo: Getty Images

A solider in the Austrian army has been put in jail for 19 months after it was discovered he had a swastika tattoo on one of his testicles.

According to one report, the 29-year-old got drunk off a bottle of whiskey before his brother inscribed the banned symbol on his scrotum.

The solider then took a photo of the tattoo and shared it online and also showed it to some of his fellow soldiers after a night of drinking following a military exercise.

The unnamed man, due to Austrian privacy laws, was also accused of posting other photos and sharing posts that seemed to sympathize with Nazis, including drinking Hitler-branded wine and posting Nazi propaganda.

The tattoo violates Austria's National Socialism Prohibition Act of 1947 which mandates prison sentences for "those who try to revive or glorify organizations resembling the Nazi party."

The man expressed remorse during his trial for his actions, saying he was "sorry" and "embarrassed."

He reportedly told the court: "I just got in with bad company. For us, anything that wasn't allowed was something we gravitated towards, but we all underestimated enormously how much of a mistake this was."

He claims it was after the investigation began on his tattooed testicle did he realize the "nonsense" of Nazi glorification.

"Other than that, I can't give any reasonable explanation for why I did it."

He also says the tattoo is no longer visible.


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