Dog Yeeted from Vehicle in Car Crash Later Found Herding Sheep

Herd of goats on the road

Photo: Getty Images

The owner of a dog named Tilly was met with a huge relief after he was found two days after being yeeted out of the back of a car window.

Linda Oswald and her family, along with Tilly, a border collie and red heeler mix, were driving on Idaho State Highway 41 on Sunday when they crashed into another car. Tilly was launched through the rear window in the accident.

Tilly was unharmed in the crash but ran off. A bunch of people who saw the accident went chasing after him. A 10-hour long search commenced but no one was able to track Tilly down. "We were sore and exhausted," Linda says.

She says her family then wrote a Facebook post with a photo of Tilly, asking for help. The post ended up being shared over 3,000 times.

Tyler, Travis and Zane Potter, who have family farm with sheep and a dog of their own, noticed on Tuesday that their shepherd, Hooey, seemed different. When they tried to summon him, instead he ran off. Upon later inspection, they realized Hooey was actually Tilly

The Potters and Oswald were able to connect through Facebook and reunite Tilly with them.

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