Woman's TikTok Goes Viral After She Finds Tracking Device in Her Purse

A woman uploaded a video to TikTok after a night out with a group of friends that turns out to be a FYI and public service announcement.

Sheridan Ellis says she usually doesn't carry a purse but did since she had some items and decorations for a friend. She says at the end of the night, she was cleaning out her purse and noticed something that didn't belong there. She found a Tile, which is basically a tracking device, and had no idea how it got there or when someone put in in there.

Sheridan says she immediately took the battery out and hasn't put it back in. She's hoping that by making the video that it will serve as a heads up that things like this are happening.

The video has been viewed over a million times on TikTok. One commenter points out that the police could be able to find out who registered the Tile and installed the app on their phone.

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