Man Leaps Off Balcony to Escape Security During CONCACAF TV Coverage

During the crazy events that went down in CONCACAF match between the US and Mexico that resulted in the US winning an edge-of-your seat match, another crazy moment went down off the pitch.

While the CBS Sports team of Kate Abdo, Oguchi Onyeu, Clint Dempsey, and Charlie Davies broke down the events of the match in between regular time and overtime, the broadcast is interrupted by a fan.

The fan appears to be running away from security and ends up behind the broadcast desk on the concourse. Out of options, he leaps off the balcony and appears to fall at least one story down.

"Wow, sorry everybody. Uh, something going on behind us." Abdo says as it happens. Clint Dempsey starts breaking out in laughter which seems weird considering a man might have just died.

Source: Awful Announcing

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