New Study Finds Half of Americans Think Dinosaurs Are Still Alive

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A new study has unearthed some unexpected results when over 2,000 adults were asked various questions revolving around dinosaurs to see what their knowledge about the long-extinct creatures is like.

The most appalling find was that nearly half of the respondents believed that dinosaurs still live on Earth, albeit in some far off remote part of the world untouched by humans.

Four in 10 think that dinosaurs only went extinct in the past 2,000 to 10,000 years, and one in five believed that dinosaurs only went extinct 100 years ago.

The subjects were also asked to name different dinosaurs and the study found the average adult can name 4 different kinds - with the Tyrannosaurus Rex the most popular.

Respondents were given the names of different dinosaur species and were asked if they recognized the names - six out of 10 thought a dinosaur called a "doyouthinktheysaurus" was a real one.

Three in 10 also thought that at one point in history, dinosaurs and humans walked the Earth at the same time. In reality, dinosaurs went extinct about 65 million years ago, and humans have only been around for about the last 2 million years.


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