ASOS Mocked Over Jeans with Ass Crack Zipper for "Toilet Emergencies"

Fashion retailer ASOS is being mocked ruthlessly on Instagram over a pair of jeans.

Why, you might ask? Well, the jeans are no ordinary pair of jeans. The LUXE Hourglass light-wash jeans, which go for around $35 look like a regular pair of pants from the front. But the back tells a different story.

The zipper starts in the front, goes down, and does not stop until it goes completely under and all the way back up to the waistband on the back of the pants.

ASOS parody account @asbos_asos posted a photo of the jeans along with the caption, "Hats off to ASOS for finally acknowledging their IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) audience. #arsezip #whenugottagougottago #thisisnotadrill #poocramp"

Needless to say, people had thoughts on the jeans with these comments:

"Finally, I feel seen."

"[name of friend], you could do with a pair of these whenever you go out."

"now you can eat without ruining your pants"

"Fuqin hell think of the crack chafe that would give you"

"After having kids I need these for emergencies."

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