She Demands to Speak to the Manager of the Airport!

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

An irate woman seems to have lost control of her emotions at an airport and demands to speak to the manager of said airport except that's not a thing.

It appears the woman was trying to pass a gate she wasn't cleared to do so and a security guard had to become physical with the woman so that she could not pass based on what is being said in the video. However, none of that is seen in the video so it's hard to discern what actually went down leading up to the clip that was posted to social media.

Regardless, she begins to storm off and yells "I want the manager of the [expletive] airport here!" Then she asks other passengers waiting at the terminal, "Who saw him choke me to the ground?"

One man replies, "I saw you run through the door when you weren't supposed to. And I saw him push you out of the doorway."

Dude then hits her with a "Boo hoo" which sets her off even more, resulting in another demand to speak to the manager immediately.

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