Brooks Koepka Disdains Bryson DeChambeau During Interview

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

If you watch professional golf, it's no secret that the sport is not the most exciting thing to watch. At least not since Happy Gilmore won the Tour Championship in '96.

Anyways, at the PGA Championship this week, runner-up Brooks Koepka was asked about his round and another player seems to irk him. That would be Bryson DeChambeau. DeChambeau is a self-proclaimed golf scientist who can come off as arrogant at times and clearly has rubbed Koepka the wrong way.

As Koepka talks to the Golf Channel's Todd Lewis about how he had difficulty reading his putts during the final round, DeChambeau appears to be finishing up an interview with someone else nearby. As DeChambeau walks past him, Koepka stops speaking, closes his eyes and lets out a massive sigh.

"Sometimes... uh, I [expletive], I lost my train of thought, hearing that [expletive]."

Lewis then starts to laugh and tells Koepka that they'll start over and that this won't end up on the air.

"Honestly, I wouldn't even care," Koepka replies.

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