Maryland Repeals State's Song That Called Abraham Lincoln A 'Tyrant'

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The song used as the anthem for the state of Maryland is no more, following approval by Governor Larry Hogan to repeal its use.

Months after the state's legislature voted to eliminate the song, Maryland, My Maryland, Hogan approved the move. The song has been regarded as controversial, as was written during the Civil War.

"We're repealing the state song. It is a relic of the Confederacy, which is clearly outdated and out of touch," Hogan said on Tuesday.

The song contains words implying that Abraham Lincoln is a "tyrant" and a "despot" and refers to the Union as "Northern scum."

The poem used as the lyrics to the song set to the tune of O Tannenbaum, was written in 1861 and was inspired by the Pratt Street Riots of that year. The riot involved sympathizers of the South attack North infantry units as they marched through Baltimore on their way to DC., days after the first shots that started the Civil War were fired.

The song became an anthem for the Confederacy quickly after its introduction. It was adopted as the state song in 1939. Controversy has surrounded it since at least the 1960s, and numerous attempts to have it repealed have until now failed to pass by lawmakers.

Here are the full lyrics to Maryland, My Maryland:

The despot's heel is on thy shore

Maryland, my Maryland

His torches at thy temple door

Maryland, my Maryland

Avenge the patriotic gore

That flecked the streets of Baltimore

And be the battle queen of yore

Maryland, my Maryland

Thou wilt not cower in the dust

Maryland, my Maryland

Thy beaming sword shall never rust

Maryland, my Maryland

Remember Carroll's sacred trust

Remember Howard's warlike thrust

And though thy slumberers with the just

Maryland, my Maryland

Dear mother, burst the tyrant's chain

Maryland, my Maryland

Virginia should not call in vain

Maryland, my Maryland

She meets her sisters on the plain

"Sic semper" 'tis the proud refrain

That baffle's minions back o'Maine

Maryland, my Maryland

Arise, arise in majesty again

Maryland, Maryland, my Maryland


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