All She Had to Do Was Take Photos of Proposal But a Rock Had Other Plans

A marriage proposal is one of those moments that can define your life. Some people spend months setting up the perfect moment to make it happen.

A couple is sharing a romantic moment on the beach and the dude is about to drop to one knee and pop the question to his girlfriend. There's someone recording the scene on video while a friend is nearby taking photos of the special occasion.

Pretty simple stuff you'd think but a large rock in the sand had other plans! The woman snapping pics gets surprised by the obstacle since she's paying attention to the couple and takes a spill. The couple starts to laugh, breaking up the romantic moment. To make matters worse, she loses her footing trying to get back up and takes another fall.

By this time, dude has decided he's not going to wait around and has already dropped down to his knee.

There will be no photos of the special moment but there is this video.

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