How Long Will It Take for Gas Stations to Get Back to Normal?

Photo: Getty Images

As panic buying of fuel has caused outages at gas stations across the DMV, how long will it take to get things back to normal?

As of 10pm Thursday, night, it was being reported that 79% of all DC, 41% of all Maryland, and 52% of all Virginia gas stations were reporting outages.

At the same time, the Colonial Pipeline that was shut down on May 7 by a cyberattack, say they have restarted delivery to all of the areas that get gas from it.

Still, it will take time for the resupply to catch up to the frantic buying.

ABC7 News contacted AAA Mid-Atlantic to see when the DMV can expect to get back to normal.

“To be optimistic, perhaps a week. To be realistic, probably two weeks,” said spokesperson John Townsend.

Do you have enough gas to make it a week of two?


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