42-Year-Old Pool Crasher Says She Got Arrested for Being Too Hot in Bikini

Photo: Marion County Jail

A Florida (surpised?) woman was arrested and charged with disorderly intoxication after the cops were called because she allegedly crashed a hotel pool.

42-year-old Melody Carr claims the cops were called on her because when she showed up to the pool in a bikini, the hotel manager was "jealous her body looked good."

A police report says the manager of the Country Inn & Suites saw Carr show up to use the pool and didn't recognize her as ever having checked in to the hotel. So the manager asked Carr for her room number. Carr reportedly refused to give a room number and stormed off.

The manager called the police to report a trespassing, but when they arrived, Carr was reportedly walking a dog at a different hotel nearby. She then became "verbally aggressive" when police began questioning her, and she told them the only reason the hotel manager called them was because she was "jealous that her body looked good." She also said her boyfriend was staying at the Country Inn & Suites but they had gotten into a fight so she left, and said that she was still there because her car wasn't working.

Officers told Carr that she needed to move her car or it would be towed. She proceeded to jump a fence to get to a white Ford Mustang convertible and burned the tires as she pulled into a parking spot. Apparently, she wasn't able to stop in the other parking spot quickly enough and got stuck on a parking bumper.

An officer then went to confront Carr and noticed she smelled of alcohol. She was then placed in handcuffs. Carr claimed she only had one drink and couldn't explain why she still smelled of alcohol and appeared intoxicated.

Source: ClickOrlando.com

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