Woman Nearly Arrested at Six Flags When Security Said Her Shorts Too Short

A mom from Colorado says she was almost arrested and body shamed at Six Flags in Oklahoma all because the shorts she was wearing were too short.

Bailey Breedlove, who says she has autism, wrote about the incident and included a video the appears to depict a part of what she described.

About 7 pm my daughter was yelled at by a park police officer for rolling down a hill on her heelies right next to me, I was holding her hand. Then she proceeded to follow me and grabbed my shoulder to turn me around and proceeded to tell me my shorts were "too short". I committed no crime and proceeded to walk to my boyfriend as I am autistic and have a hard time talking to officers. She followed me yelling and calling for backup.

Breedlove then explains that she was then told she needed to buy new shorts or would be charged with trespassing.

A Six Flags spokesperson told The New York Post in a statement that Breedlove “was initially stopped because her shorts exposed a significant portion of her buttocks.”

The claimed Breedlove "was given multiple opportunities to change or cover up, but refused. Instead, she responded with profanity and offensive conduct, including further exposing her buttocks,” the spokesperson said.

Breedlove says she has been banned from the park for 5 years.

Source: NYPost.com

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