11-Year-Old Boy Jumps Out of School Bus Window to Escape Bullies

Photo: Walton County Sheriff's Office

An 11-year old boy from Georgia is lucky to be alive after he jumped out of a window of his school bus in order to escape a group of bullies.

The incident happened last Wednesday, when the boy reportedly jumped out of the window and landed on the roof of a pickup truck. He then fell off the truck and landed onto the highway pavement, causing him to suffer a concussion and a broken elbow.

The entire highway was shut down so that Walton County Sheriffs and first responders could treat the boy and conduct an investigation.

When the boy's father was informed what happened, he immediately feared the worst.

"Death. First thing I'm thinking when I hear you jumped out of a vehicle... I was concerned he'd got ran over or killed," Dion Murphy told Fox 5 Atlanta.

Murphy says he was shown footage from a security camera on-board the school bus, and says he watched his son get bullied to the point where it seems he felt jumping out of the bus was his only option.

"One student jumped in his face, he was pushing him and pushing him against the window. Then when he fell, the other student grabbed his shoe and he wouldn't give it back to him. At this moment he felt his back was up against the wall. My son felt a desperate need to escape it, he jumped out of the window."

Murphy says this wasn't the first time his son has allegedly been bullied by other students. He says he has even met with Youth Middle School officials, but no actions were taken afterwards. Murphy has taken his son out of the school.

Source: TooFab.com

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