Pothole Penis Painter Reported to Police After Doodling 100 Wieners on Road

A man who has been spray-painting penises in his home city for three years has now been threatened with legal action if he does not stop.

Geoff Upson, of Auckland, New Zealand has been fed up with the prevalent potholes and has made it his mission to decorate them in the hopes that the city will have no choice but to pave over them. He estimates he has done about 100 wieners at this point.

Auckland Transport reportedly confronted Upson over the stunt last week and filed a complaint with the police over his actions.

They say they plan to pursue the 'culprit' over the costs of removing the paint from the roads. There is also a claim that the person 'put themselves at risk while also providing a distraction for drivers.'

Upson freely admits he's the one responsible for the drawings but says he's only painting parts of the roads that are in dire need of repair and that he wears a high-visibility vest when marking the roads. He says he started in 2018 after he complained '20 times' about how long it was taking for road crews to repair potholes near his house.

"Auckland Transport should stop worrying about prosecuting me for highlighting their failures and be ashamed of themselves for allowing our road network to be in such a state of disrepair," Upson says.

Source: Metro.co.uk

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