Busted Chinese Rocket Falling Back to Earth Spotted Over Washington, D.C.

A very large rocket booster launched from China is hurtling back to Earth after a catastrophic failure, and expected to crash back on Earth sometime this weekend. Exactly where it will come down is still unclear, but remnants of the rocket were spotted over Washington, D.C.

The U.S. Space Command is currently tracking the 23-ton piece of debris, but say they won't have an idea of where it will likely come down until a few hours before it is expected to crash down.

They say there is a slight chance it could crash down in an inhabited area, or it could come down in the ocean.

International guidelines specify that rocket boosters must use their last bit of fuel to steer it towards a remote part of an ocean. There are said to be about 260 remnants of space missions in an area in the South Pacific ocean.

Source: NPR.org

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