Senator Thinks Zoom Background Hides Him Driving While Debating Bill

A state senator in Ohio is catching heat after he was apparently caught driving during a Zoom meeting. The Ohio Senate is currently discussing a bill that would create additional penalties for distracted driving. At least the senator, Andrew Brenner, is exhibiting proper driving technique by wearing a seat belt and looking both ways at an intersection.

Even better, it seems Brenner thought he could pull off the maneuver by putting up a virtual background that is a photo of his home office. But unfortunately for him, not even the Zoom technology is good enough to mask the fact that he has a seat belt on.

The meeting, which took place on Monday, was reportedly only 13 minutes long. Brenner can be seen inside a parked, stationary vehicle at the start of the session And Brenner allegedly kept turning his camera on and off, seemingly to try and hide what he was actually doing.

I realize it's possible to make a video call and treat it like you're having a normal phone call as long as you're not paying attention to the screen when driving. But it does seem like Brenner is trying to make it seem like he is actively watching the screen while he is driving.

The full video can be seen here.

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