Man Arrested After Attacking Police w/ His Colostomy Bag at Kid Rock's Bar

A Nashville man was arrested and faces multiple charges following a drunken escapade at Kid Rock's bar located in the city.

Nashville Metro Police responded to a call after Nicholas Newhart was allegedly drunk and was blocking an outside emergency exit door at the establishment. Newhart reportedly refused repeated requests from security to vacate the area, so at least one of the security guards flagged down nearby police.

That's when, according to one reports, Newhart pulled out his colostomy bag from the inside of his front pants area and started swinging it around. Newhart reportedly struck two officers with his feces.

He was then taken into custody without further incident. Newhart was described as being drunk, unable to stand on his own, with bloodshot, glassy eyes and smelling of alcohol.

He now faces charges of assault on two police officers, disorderly conduct and public intoxication.


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