The Rock Sends Heartwarming Moana Video to Little Girl Battling Cancer

The Rock spent his 49th birthday spreading joy to a 4-year-old girl in the midst of battling cancer.

On Sunday morning, Dwayne Johnson posted a video on his Instagram account, reprising his character Maui from the Disney movie Moana and sang his hit song "You're Welcome" to Indy Llew Jones.

"Stay strong honey and keep singing your songs! Love you, MAUI." The Rock wrote in the caption.

Indy's mom reacted to the video in her Instagram story, saying, "Wow a special message to our Indy Llew from Maui himself. @therock this means so much! Every night before bed Indy asks daddy to sing 'you're welcome.'"

In 2018, Indy's mother shared that she had myelodysplastic syndrome, which shares some similarities to leukemia. After 8 months of chemotherapy, Indy's cancer went into remission. Sadly, in 2019, it was learned that the disease had returned. After months of treatment, the cancer again was in remission in 2020. However, Indy's family was informed that she had developed leukemia.

Indy's mom said, "The devastation & hurt is beyond description. My hands are trembling and tears are falling from my face as I type this. Considering our options and praying about what is best for Indy, B and I both received a pretty clear message that Indy desires to be free of this burden. Out of respect for her body and her spirit, further medical intervention feels wrong. The chance of cure from more treatment is extremely minimal. Our brave girl has just been through too much."

"We will be loving on her at home like we did last year, filling her body with goodness and making her feel joy. I truly cannot bear the thought of losing her but even worse than that is to watch her suffer this any longer."


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