Woman Leaves People Divided After Sharing 'Fat-Shaming' Card Left in Food

A woman was left baffled and offended after she ordered a food delivery from McDonald's and the DoorDash driver left her an unexpected card in the bag.

The woman, Suzie, shared a video on TikTok showing the front and back of the card, and surprisingly, people are divided over it.

The card appears to be an advertisement for services for Herbalife, and has the phrase "Lose weight, ask me how!" on it.

Immediately people commented on the video calling out the DoorDash driver's actions.

"That's messed up," "I would report them for that," and "that would make me relapse into my eating disorder, wtf" were a few of the comments. "This should be illegal. Toxic fat-shaming. MLM's are the worst for this kind of behavior," is perhaps one of the hottest takes.

Suzie however took a different stance. "No hate here, I was laughing for a while. I kind of wanted to give him a high five."

Source: Mirror.co.uk

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