Cleaner Retires from Job But Leaves Powerful Note for 'Awful' Boss

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Most people who have held a number of jobs know some bosses can be better to work for than others. And some can be downright insufferable.

An anonymous woman who spent 35 years working as a cleaner for various banks didn't seem to have a very good relationship with a manager at a branch of HSBC. So much so that it seemed to have lead her to make the decision to retire from the job.

On her very last day, the woman decided to leave behind a note to leave a message to the "awful" manager.

A photograph of the note taken by the woman's daughter was shared to social media where it quickly went viral.

It reads:

Hi ladies, tomorrow will be my last clean for HSBC.
I have made up a bucket of cleaning materials for the next cleaner whoever that may be!!
I've left the job [manager's name] after the way you dressed me down in the office, it was nothing more than aggressive and cruel but that's a reflection on your character, not mine.
So going forward, please all of you remember:
In a world when you can be anything, BE KIND.
Because toy are all no better than the cleaner.

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