You Can Now Buy Penis-Shaped Waffles with Names Like 'Boris' and 'Sloppy'

A new food brand, appropriately named "D**k on a Stick" has introduced some new waffles and I'm sure you can guess what they look like.

The waffles, which come in a bunch of different varieties, are being described as "true to life" and come with different fillings.

Sure enough, you can send them anonymously for playing pranks on others or use them for a party.

The 'Boris' version comes with a mix of Nutella and white chocolate filling inside. There's also a 'Bust a Nut' variety that is filled with just Nutella.

Then there's the 'Sloppy' filled with alcohol-infused chocolate, and the 'Blast' which is dipped in chocolate and is filled with white chocolate.

The founder of the company says she came up with the idea when she felt "under-appreciated in a previous role - wishing she could have told them they were a d**k while remaining anonymous."

The website is here, but unfortunately they do not ship outside of the UK at the moment.


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