'WW2 Bomb' Found in German Forest Was Sex Toy, Say Officials

Photo: Getty Images

A police squad in Germany conducted an investigation after it was reported that a hand grenade was discovered in a forest near the city of Passau, near the border of Austria and the Czech Republic.

A jogger reportedly discovered a bag which appeared to contain the explosive device. It's not uncommon to this day that remnants of munitions from World War 2 are still found on a regular basis.

When a bomb squad was deployed to handle the device, they determined that the object was actually made of rubber and did not pose any threat as a weapon. Condoms and lubricant in the bag helped explain what the "grenade" actually was.

Police said, "an Internet search confirmed the suspicion. There are actually sex toys in the form of hand grenades."

Oh well. Better safe than sorry.

Source: The Guardian

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